Smart Solutions & Sustainable Engineering

For Smart & Sustainable Aquaculture


Who We Are?

ALGOFAIT Is a twist of two words

ALGO: Every smart solution starts with the Reliable Algorithm.

FAIT: French word means DO and ideas without action are useless.

ALGOFAIT was founded in 2021, Set out itself to be a startup company with a hybrid methodology based on a sustainable mindset emphasized by Hi-Tech models, solutions, and products, which are basically B2B oriented.

Our team is driven by a passion for what we do, Engineers, Business Developers, and Researchers working to innovate and implement sustainable and smart solutions in the field of Engineering, Aquaculture, and Environmental Solutions.

Our Vision

We at ALGOFAIT are motivated by two things. One is the desire to work on humanity’s long-term well-being. And the other is to do something that inspires humanity.
We are confident in our ability to transform our innovative solutions for the benefit of humanity. Our activities need to improve the lives of all members of society

Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to Smart IT.

Create, Design, And Implement our inspired concepts for smart solutions and sustainable engineering related to Aquaculture, Green energy, Automation, IoT, and AI.

Smart It will let you start your transformation process towards the futuristic perspective of sustainable mindset, operations and activities.


Sustainability is a mindset we embrace.

Better Life

We are motivated by our will to change humans' quality of life.

Transparency & Integrity

Transparency & Integrity are our evergreen successful key factors.