Smart Solutions & Sustainable Engineering

For Smart & Sustainable Aquaculture

Aligned with the global blue transformation and its actions, we at ALGOFAIT and based on our vision had launched the process of the new generation of aquaculture farms, THE “ECO-BLUE HOUSE”


This groundbreaking farm is leading the way in sustainable seafood production – on an industrial scale! Using land-based aquaculture technology, Blue House helps produce clean and healthy food with minimal environmental impact. Plus, a significantly reduced carbon footprint? That’s something we can all get behind!

Eco Blue House is a package of products that allow us to do aquaculture activities on agricultural land and optimize the fish farming process. Our farming technology is a modern and sustainable solution for agricultural land, allowing farmers to reap the benefits of profitable seafood production without straining soil or needing permanent structures.

Main Added Values:

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Sustainability is a mindset we embrace.

Better Life

We are motivated by our will to change humans' quality of life.

Transparency & Integrity

Transparency & Integrity are our evergreen successful key factors.